Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grief and Life

Yesterday was Greg's 17th birthday. Oh how I wish he was here to celebrate it, this year I am MAD he is not here. I came home from the bus and wrote the following.

Grief and Life

I miss my life, before grief walked in, and made itself at home.
Grief is something I wish would go away and forget how he found his way here.
Who does he think he is, just showing up unexpected, taking control.
I want him to go away, never to return.

Grief is so powerful, it causes so many emotions.
Grief can silence you, but can make you want to scream.
Grief will bring you to your knees, but also make you want to run as far away as you can.
Reading a good devotional can bring you comfort, and going into the woods and yelling at trees can be as soothing.
Grief is so powerful.
I want it to go away, but I also need it to stay.
It makes me numb, but also makes me feel.
Grief is so confusing, but makes so much sense.

Grief can stay in my house.
Grief can be overpowering but can be contained.
Mature grief can be told when to go away and when it is needed.
Mature grief can be entwined in my life and lived with.
Grief. My life. Forever my enemy and my companion.

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