Friday, February 27, 2009


The pain...
The saddness you must have felt.
Oh, how your thinking in the moment
will last a lifetime for me.
Now I hold the pain and sadness for you.

I Sit and Listen

I Sit and Listen

I sit and listen.
I think I hear your steps,
your sigh,
the feel of your touch.
I sit and listen...
and ache.
I sit and listen to the overwhelming
strength of reality.
I sit and listen...
and just wondering.
It could happen.
I hear your steps,
hear your sigh,
and feel your touch.
I sit and listen...
and wait.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dad Perspective

We read the paper,
we follow the news.
To help others,
we send cards, we send e-mails.
To help others,
we talk on the phone, we talk in person.
When we hear the tragic news, we relive the pain
and the memories of our defining day.
But we do it to help others.
We invite them to meetings.
We give encouraging advice, but sometimes
we need the help of others.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Written February 2008

Like everyone else I am so ready for Spring to arrive. This time of year really beats up the heart and soul, the gray skies and dreary days. I am so ready for the opening up of the sky, so the sun can pour in and refresh my soul.
Some random thoughts, please bear with me.
Don't you wish we had training manuals on just about everything. I have a book called "Beyond Sympathy, What to say to a person who has suffered a loss." It should be a required reading for everyone. I scan through it occasionally. Even since our loss, I don't know what to say to people. Do you find that strange? We should know what to say. We know not to say about 95% of what we have been told. I went into the post office last fall and Jill, said "I have been thinking about you alot lately? I said Thank you, (I presumed she remembered it was my son Greg's angel date month) Jill continued to tell me, her daughter had passed away a few weeks prior. I honestly stood there, not having a clue what to say. We shared stories and talked about her daughter. I got into the car and looked at Daryl and said "No wonder no one knows what to say to us, when I don't even know what to say." I am learning to just speak from the heart, be sincere.
Random thought, Who would buy a shirt with me that says, I LOVE TO HEAR MY CHILD'S NAME! or ASK ME ABOUT MY CHILD or even IF IM CRYING DONT BE AFRAID OF ME. (Can any of you relate to the following?) I was having a moment one day at work and was crying very obviously At least 20 min went by and no one spoke to me, I felt really alone. Then two people just walked up and gave me a hug, they knew they didn't have to say a word. My boss asked if I was okay, everyone was coming to her wondering if it was a significant date. I am not ashamed of my tears, whether in private or public. I sometimes feel as if others think that what I have is catching. Or the obvious, they have not read the manual either on what to say to a grieving heart.
How do I fix it? I don't have the answer yet. One thing, I do is talk and maybe someone will listen and understand, or maybe I should just buy a shirt.
Lee ann