Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why is the ocean a healing place?

Here is how I feel, when at the water.

As I sit at the water's edge, gazing out over the surf,
my eyes can not comprehend how far I can see.
How small I am in this world, in this life.
But I ask, how can something so small feel so much?
Because I love.
As my tears fall, they connect with the tide and are swept away.
I am apart of this water.
This ocean is far greater then me, for I am small.
I will let it cleanse me, wash away some of the pain, bring me some peace, heal me.
At weeks end, I will walk to this water's edge and give it thanks, to it's power,
it's beauty, it's greatness, for it's healing.
I am small in this world next to it, but it has made me stronger.
I will dip my toe in one last time, to say good-bye.

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